Zamzam Zalila x Islamic Fashion and Lifestyle Show Zurich: Intentions

I decided to participate at the Islamic Lifestyle and Fashion Show in Zurich because I like the idea to link fashion to certain values and to add hereby content to appearance. I think that even within modest fashion we often neglect that it isn’t only about the looks that are supposed to be modest, but also the values that drive us to go for this way of life. These values and convictions made me eventually start to create Zamzam Zalila.



Just before I arrived in Switzerland, the National Councilor had voted for a so called “burka“ ban which currently just applies to Tessin. Now, the affair passed on to the Council of States that will have to decide. Interestingly, the hotel and tourism industry isn’t in favour of such a ban, as they fear financial losses due to possibly decreasing bookings from the Middle East. This showed me again that when it comes to money people can be much more open-minded than expected. It is contradictory to welcome money from presumably wealthy clients from the Middle East (similar to D&G that launched their Abaya collection to tackle these markets) and the lack of courage to acknowledge the diversity of society including hijabis especially within companies and here in higher positions. With this in mind I was somehow prepared for awkward moments, as the general excitement might push or encourage people to behave inappropriate. But subhanAllah, in the end I was disabused.


Minutes before the show starts.

The event itself was very well organised by the Islamic Central Council of Switzerland and they managed everything in a professional yet caring way, mashaAllah! This approach was also noticeable in the atmosphere during the whole day which was full of harmony. I have to give credit to the wonderful models who were so nice and genuine, mashaAllah. I really appreciated that they were real women with authentic sizes. That is why I selected also various samples of my designs for the runway show to see if they are suitable for various body types. So, I was able to collect a lot of valuable feedback, alhamdulillah. I am looking forward to launching the winter collection very soon in shaa Allah.


Behind the scenes

The Islamic Council of Switzerland had also invited beside me Biah as a fellow modest fashion brand from the UK, and various speakers and performers such as Naima Robert from the Sisters Magazine as well as the Nasheed group Pearls of Islam or the the founder of Al Balsam which is a natural halal cosmetic brand. It was so refreshing to gather with all these sisters and exchange ideas and views. In one of our discussion, the sister from Biah said something very true: In our business, it is crucial to renew our intentions, because that’s all about! I hope that I will be able to stick to mine and leave a positive legacy with Zamzam Zalila in shaa Allah! Do you have also any intentions relating to your jobs? Fell free to comment below!


Another happy customer who purchased the cape „Shah Zanan“

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