Zamzam Zalila x IMFDF: O Canada!

I had the great honour to attend this year’s International Modest Fashion and Design Fesival in Toronto. It was my second runway show after the International Modest Fashion Week in Istanbul and I was thrilled to present my capsule collection „Back II Business“ that featured modest office looks.

This is how we would like you to feel when you wear Zamzam Zalila: FABULOUS! (Thank you for the video @khalisah.c)

It was actually my third time in Canada and I always appreciated the openminded and respectful attitude towards minorities, in particular towards visible ones. It seems that the Canadian society takes its strength from its diversity. Right at the airport for instance I met a hijabi sister working as an airline ground staff. The right to wear a hijab at work, in contact with clients and in combination with a corporate uniform is still groundbreaking to me who has lived in France and lives now in Germany. Here, we have currently a great deal of discussion whether a teacher should be allowed to wear a hijab or not for example.


Behind the scenes part I: A part of the capsule collection „Back II Business“ presented by these wonderful models!

For this reason especially as a working hijabi you feel segregated and underrepresented in public. This concern made me create the capsule collection and and even Zamzam Zalila in general (as described in the company bio).


On the yacht: What happens on the yacht, stays on the yacht 😉

One day before the actual event I went to the yacht party and I had so much fun. I really liked the idea to celebrate sisterhood – something we unfortunately sometimes neglect. I can’t stress often enough how much the empowerment of our ummah and especially of muslim sisters means to me and it is such a blessing to (try to) contribute to this global movement with a tiny little part.


Behind the scenes part II: Let´s get it started!

Day 2 with the runway show was my personal highlight of course. It is so rewarding to see the results of all that hard work, alhamduliLlah! A special shout-out goes here to my husband who supported me in every imaginable way through out this event and this whole project in general.

Furthermore, I am grateful to meet so many (inside and outside) wonderful sisters with great visons – ma shaa Allah. They are the living prove that it is not a contradiction to be self-confident and modest at one time. I hope they may inspire also others with their strengths in shaa Allah!


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