Styling Inspo #2: Abaya 7J/7 in peach x DIY Cape Kaftan


The Eid party is around the corner and you have still no idea what to wear! Why not to create something yourself? So, you can be sure to get something unique. You think that this is too complicated? Not with this DIY!


1. As fabric we recommend linen, chiffons or jersey. We decided to take the latter: A structured jersey in the trend colour of 2017 „Pale Dogwood“.


2. This is what you need: A sewing machine, yarn in the right colour, scissors, pins, measuring tape and a crayon.


3. The measurements for a body height of approximate 170 cm are 300 cm x 130 cm. The fabric should be cut as described on the picture below, i.e. the front opening of 20 cm width and 150 cm depth.


4. Now use the pins to prepare the hem and seem everything.


5. Then fold the fabric, so that you have the front and the backside with a length of 150 cm each. After that sew the outside edges together and leave a generous opening for your arms (45 cm below the shoulder / 90 cm for the total arm hole).

6. Done! If you would like to cutomize it, you can add tassels, pompons, galoons or pearls. We kept it simple and combined it with our 7J/7 Abaya in peach and a large belt on the last two pictures. What do you think?

img_9046 img_9034 img_9025

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